Sperre Technologies strives to be an exceptional provider of IT services & solutions.  We don’t just deliver technology; we make technology work for you with our expertise and cost-effective solutions. Bringing personality and trust into IT is a primary focus of Sperre Technologies…
Key Principles:
  • Personal Relations: We don’t just create business relationships, we build personal & on-going relationships.
  • Straight-Talking Trust: We will never lie or bend the truth. All recommendations are delivered and explained with understanding.
  • Reputation: Solutions will be delivered in the best & most cost-effective manner. We will NOT provide any service & hardware solution we would not use ourselves or stand behind 100%.
  • Effective: We run on the saying, "Work Smarter...Not Harder..." We utilize technology with our vast experience to provide efficient solutions. We also work to incorporate automation for preventative maintenance.
The difference in how we provide our services sets us apart:
  • Availability: Whether you need us to provide all your IT support or high-level support to existing technicians, we are available 24/7 to your entire business. We use technology such as our Network Monitoring service & server alerts for items such as failed backup notifications.
  • Remote Support: We provide real-time support from anywhere. We believe in solving issues quickly & effectively rather than needlessly providing “face-time”. This approach is also a cost-saving benefit to customers with no travel surcharges and smaller increment billing.
  • Proactive Nature: By employing technology, such as the Network Monitoring, we not only get notified of issues, but we track trends & server health. Web-Filtering devices that will not only filter & monitor your Internet use, but notify us should someone become infected with ad/spy-ware.
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